Oliver Giving

Oliver Giving

Chief AV Officer

The journey that brought me to where I am today with my audio visual skills and passion began when I was ten years old in a model railroad store in London, England. The little worlds of trains, model landscapes, lighting and electricity blew my little mind. It was here that I bought my first steam engine and over the next few years I built my own model railway world on a plywood table in my parents’ basement. Underneath the table there were electrical wires going in every which direction. I loved connecting all of the pieces together and making everything work. As I put an AV system together for a youth event, I am accessing this same love for connecting pieces and making them work together.

In my late teens, I got into film making through courses in high school and at the Gulf Islands Film and Television School. Through film making, I got my first tastes of organizing large projects and working with professional technology while shaping video, audio and lighting.

My journey was amped up a notch when I discovered experimental electronic music at age nineteen. With a degree of enthusiasm I had not previously known, I purchased two Technics 1200 turntables plus a DJ mixer and began a love affair with DJing which continues to this day.

In my mid 20s, I worked for four years at a restaurant/music venue in East Vancouver. It was during the course of this job where I had my first experiences mixing bands in front of live audiences. I played the role of sound and lighting technician for hundreds of performances here.

My role with Probiotic Soundsystem is to be versatile.

Daniel Peters

Daniel Peters

Chief Graphics Officer

I was born in Winnipeg, and now live on the beautiful Sunshine Coast of BC. I’ve been creating graphics under the name Living Ink Design since 2004. My diverse clientele includes musicians, artists, promoters, small businesses, and non-profit organizations.

As an artist and designer, my influences include indigenous art from the prairies and west coast, Japanese animation, graffiti, cave drawings, and surrealists such as Dali and Escher.

My role with Probiotic Soundsystem is designing the graphics on the website, posters and other pieces of media.


Elisabeth Ormandy

Elisabeth Ormandy

Event Photographer

I was born in the UK and first developed my love for both music and photography while exploring my Dad’s vinyl collection and cameras.

We had a dark room at home, so from a young age I learned how to take and develop my own black and white photographs. I fell for electronic music after moving to Edinburgh, where I co- founded and ran an experimental music night called Musique Concrete.

I now live in Vancouver where I manage a national non-profit and teach at UBC. It’s a pleasure to have the chance to rekindle my passion for photography by being Probiotic Soundsystem’s official event photographer!

Andrew Dodd Clippingdale

Andrew Dodd Clippingdale

Chief Videography Officer

I am a self-taught videographer, graphic designer, photographer, DJ, and event co-ordinator currently residing in Victoria, BC.

My company, Dodd‘s Eye Media, got its start after a fateful dinner with Oliver Giving in 2011, and I’ve been working closely with Probiotic Soundsystem ever since!

With my multimedia disciplines, I seek to highlight businesses, individuals, events, and causes that I feel are having a positive impact in the world.

My role with Probiotic Soundsystem is the creation of promotional videos.

Wesley Krauss

Wesley Krauss

Chief YouTube Officer

I am a Leo nominated composer, Simon Fraser University marketing graduate, songwriter, recording artist, and lead singer/founder of the band “Blanket Barricade”.

I studied music composition and production at Langara College in Vancouver, Canada and got right to work as soon as I graduated. Just one year after completing the program I scored the music for the award winning short film “The Light Of Family Burnam” and was nominated for a Leo award for my work.

I have placed my music in a number of films, been in heavy rotation on CBC Radio 3, had my songs used in over 16,000 YouTube videos, as well as composed music for the documentary “Ballou”. Recently I’ve started my own film scoring/licensing company, WK Music Productions, which is purely focused on YouTube where I get over 20,000 views a day on my channels.

My role with Probiotic Soundsystem is working with youth electronic music composers to help them get paid for licensing their music to YouTube videos.

Gail Low

Gail Low

Chief Research Officer

Recently retired, I was a registered clinical counsellor for Vancouver Coastal Health, at the Vancouver Drug Court Treatment & Resource Centre for 6 years. I provided individual and group counselling to adult clients with severe drug addictions who were mandated for treatment by the Court.

I received a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology in 2000 and a Master’s degree in Counselling Psychology in 2005 from the University of British Columbia. I also worked as an intake counsellor for an Employee Assistance Program (EAP) provider, as an addictions counsellor for Family Services of Greater Vancouver and in private practice. I have a keen interest in the topic of depression and the appropriate use of standardized depression screens. I have had two articles published, the first arising from my Master’s thesis (Low & Hubley, 2007).

My role with Probiotic Soundsystem is conducting the research on which the youth programming is based.

Low, G. D., & Hubley, A. M. (2007). Screening for depression after cardiac events using the Beck Depression Inventory-II and the Geriatric Depression Scale. Social Indicators Research 82, 527-543.

Low, G. (2014). Geriatric Depression Scale (GDS). In: Michalos AC (Ed.). Encyclopedia of Quality of Life and Well-Being Research. Springer, Dordrecht, Netherlands: Springer, pp i-j.

Tyler Warcup

Tyler Warcup

Chief Technical Marketing Officer

I am a freelance web developer and marketer in Vancouver who has worked with both local and international clients. My deep love for music, combined with a knack for data-driven digital marketing, makes me a natural fit for the Probiotic Soundsystem project.

In addition to my web development & marketing work I have also studied music, completing 1 year in the Douglas College Music program, followed by 3 years of intensive private instruction in creative music (composition, theory, and improvisation).

My role with Probiotic Soundsystem is the management of SEO, PPC, and Email Marketing campaigns.